• Christian Elliot

17 More Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

Updated: Jan 3

A lot of people have asked me for an update to my original 18 reasons article.

Many have asked if I’ve changed my stance now that the jabs have been available for longer.

I wish I could say that in the seven months since writing that post, that world events (and vaccine effectiveness) convinced me I was wrong.

That definitely did not happen.

I stand by all my original 18 reasons.

Now I have additional concerns about these jabs…many of which I find even more alarming.

Quick aside: For anyone seeing the title of this article and feeling like it’s not relevant because you already got the shot…

…can you give me one minute?

I promise:

  1. I’m not your enemy.

  2. This article is relevant to you.

  3. I’m serious about understanding your perspective too.

  4. I’m going to say at least two important things you strongly agree with.

If you make it to the end and still disagree with me, that’s ok.

Maybe in reading what’s below you’ll understand why so many people are leery of these shots.

Even better, maybe you and I can model some constructive dialogue together—at the end of this post I’ll even offer an invitation to talk with me directly if you think I’m missing the boat.

With that in mind, let me attempt to start this post with a couple of things we agree on…

1) We all want covid to go away!

I, like you, am beyond tired of this topic.

I hate the division it brings, the lives it is claiming, and the political football it has become.

2) We all want a return of our freedoms.

As I see it, the challenge with ending covid is we differ so fundamentally on what that will take.

Where one side sees compliance as the path back to freedom, the other side sees resistance as the only way to truly be free again.

Unsurprisingly, both sides are exceedingly frustrated that the other side doesn’t “get it.”

We say with contempt: “If you people would just do your part (i.e. think like me), all of this will go away.”

My friends (on either side of this discussion), the idea that one side is going to fold, is not going to happen.

So, instead of anger, avoidance, or snide comments on social media…

Come, let us reason together.

Bridging this chasm of perspective will require a lot of difficult conversations, and probably a herculean level of grace, deference, and a willingness to look for where we might be wrong.

That’s our gap, so let’s face it boldly and with humility.

May a better way start today.


My hope is that you’ll consider this post as the next step in an ongoing conversation.

To that end, if you’re inclined to comment, please do.

The rules of engagement are the same as they are for my other posts:

  1. You must be respectful and treat others the way you want to be treated.

  2. You have to logically present an argument not just post a link.

  3. You can’t use labels (anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist, blind sheep, etc.) – labels are divisive and intellectually lazy. Let’s do better.

Agree or disagree with me, if I see you break any of the rules, your comment will be deleted.

All right, enough with the long introduction.

Without further ado, here is why I’m more against these so-called “vaccines” than ever.


If ever there was an obvious example of willful determination by our public health officials to believe in something despite all evidence to the contrary, these injections are it.

Remember that “95% effective” story we were sold?

What a misplaced hope that turned out to be.

While we could look at compelling evidence of failure from the most vaccinated nations and states in the world (Vermont, Maine, Colorado, the UK, Wales, Chile, Seychelles, Ireland, or Mongolia), let’s just stick with the most glaring example of the utter failure of these shots—Israel.

With the belief that Israel would be the shining example of how to get back to normal, Netanyahu sold out his entire country in an exclusive contract with Pfizer.

Israel is a shining example all right, but not for vaccine effectiveness.

What am I talking about?

I’ll leave it to Dr. Peter Doshi (editor of the British Medical Journal—BMJ) for the mic-drop article about this ridiculous, efficacy sham.

Here is the inconvenient data of what Doshi calls “The elephant named ‘waning immunity’.”

  • In early July 2021 Israel reports the vaccine was 64% effective.

  • By late July 2021, Israel reported the vaccine was 39% effective.

That’s a major drop in less than a month.

Curious about the efficacy rate after that?

Me too…but Pfizer supposedly doesn’t have any data past six months into their trial—i.e. March 2021.

Um…how long have these trials been going on?

And that prompts another important question:

How could the clear signals of dramatically-waning immunity lead to a “full FDA approval”?

Side note: I’ll discuss the “full-approval” ruse shortly.

For now, let’s set aside that approval issue…

(and set aside 1. The reality that the un-injected, human immune system remains 99.9% effective at beating covid, and 2. The Lancet article that says the absolute-risk reduction a jab confers is a whopping 1.3% decreased risk at best)

…and stick with the mainstream narrative.

Given the waning efficacy, what sense do these shots make, and why in the world are they the only way back to normal?

One would think (in light of such concerning data) that world leaders would admit they picked the wrong (exclusive) strategy and at least give us more options besides mandating increasingly-worthless shots for a version of a virus that scarcely exists anymore.

Don’t hold your breath.

Here’s why…

Predictably, instead of admitting the painfully obvious, ending the jab program, or pivoting to other treatments, Israel (and now the CDC) is doing the opposite:

Now the double-jabbed get to rejoin the “unvaccinated” group.




Let that sink in…

The first and second shot didn’t work, the third isn’t working either, so let’s plan for four?

Um…remind me the definition of insanity again.


Apparently so…

This is our life for now, in waves” said Salman Zarka, Israel’s chief covid-19 officer.

Here’s my question: Where does this jab treadmill end?

Do we really think they can outsmart nature and “booster” our way to zero covid?

Even more concerning, do we really think rushing out a (mandatory, one-size-fits-all, liability-free) jab every few months never risks producing (another) harmful product?

Did we forget how wildly ineffective (often as low as 10%) the annual flu shots are?

Did we forget that “fully approved” drugs (that were actually studied for years) frequently get pulled from the market—hello Vioxx, Celebrex, opioids, etc?

Are we really going to embrace the idea of a no-exceptions, twice-annual (or multi-annual) “immunity membership,” sacrament, I mean passport, in order to live our lives?

But here is a concerning situation, and a super-uncomfortable reality we have to face…


Mindbender alert: Could it be that it’s actually the vaccinated who are keeping covid going?

For those who want to get bogged down in the country-by-country stats, knock yourself out, (there are 68 countries in this study) but to not get too bogged down here, let’s observe the high-level, repeated pattern.

The more vaccinated a country (or state) becomes, the more there is a corresponding surge in covid deaths, and the surge is typically higher than the natural, pre-jab peak.

I could throw a bunch of graphs and headlines at you but suffice it to say they tell this story…

Regardless of how you want to look at the data, the bottom line is this:

The jabs are completely failing to make quantifiable difference in covid when compared to countries with low uptake rates.

The conundrum I see for anyone who still wants to believe in these shots is that you either:

  1. Have to swallow the dissonance that the shots are ineffective and necessary…

  2. Explain the data by saying the shots are working and the reason the death count is so high is because too many deaths are being mis-labeled as covid deaths, or…

  3. Believe that we didn’t get everyone on the globe vaccinated fast enough—which (even if everyone wanted it) would be logistically impossible given how fast the virus mutates.

Whichever way you go, the narrative/vaccine solution doesn’t work.

What’s worse, it appears those who take the shot are becoming super spreaders.

No wonder the CDC re-masked us and even revised the definition of a vaccine.

No wonder other nations are barring Israelis from entering their country.

How could this be happening?

Let’s geek out on the science for a hot second…


Not only is data pouring in about how ineffective these shots are, it appears they are actually pressuring the virus to mutate.

It’s not like vaccine science didn’t see this coming.

If you read my original 18 reasons article you may remember I mentioned Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche—one of the most respected vaccine scientists on the planet.

He put his entire (impressive) reputation on the line when he raised the alarm, called for an immediate pause to the covid vaccine program, and asked for public debates among his peers.

Did you catch those debates?

Of course, you didn’t—Geert was vilified and the debates never happened.

Yet, Dr. Vanden Bossche is starting to look like a prophet, or at least an insightful and refreshingly-honest scientist.

Here’s a quick recap of three of his predictions so far.

He told us that vaccinating people in the middle of an outbreak would:

  1. Accelerate the virus’ ability to mutate: Hello Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.

  2. Inevitably produce vaccine-resistant strains: Hello new surge in infections.

  3. Train the immune system to fixate on ONE specific piece of the original SARS CoV-2 virus (the spike protein) and thus be non-responsive to future variants.

Never mind the first two problems…do you see the significance of Geert’s third point?

An immune system that is non-responsive to future variants, is a body that can be defeated by future versions of the common cold—thus his warning of a potential for a mass-casualty event.

Has Geert changed his tune now that we have several months of data?

Nope…he’s doubling down.

In another recent interview (with Robert Malone, the inventor, or some would argue co-inventor, of the mRNA vaccine), Geert went into more detail on the science of why these jabs are so potentially deadly.

You can click here to watch that interview.

(UPDATE: Dr. Vanden Bossche just made another plea to not vaccinate against Omicron.)

Appreciate for a second that these men are at the top of their field.

They are titans of the vaccine world, and both men are calling for an end to the covid “vaccine” program, not only because it is mathematically impossible to inject our way out of covid, but because they know it is becoming increasingly deadly to attempt to do so.

Bet you didn’t hear that from Fauci.

I’ll leave the last word on this one to Dr. Vanden Bossche.

He said that what we are doing is so dangerous for humanity that he called for us to…

Make love, not war.

By that he is calling for a new baby boom to replenish the earth with a reservoir of unvaccinated people who can actually fight future coronaviruses and save our species.

Let that sink in for a second…

If you don’t like that perspective, take it up with Dr. Vanden Bossche, or Dr. Robert Malone, or this Nobel Prize winner—all three men are saying the same thing.

I’m just the messenger.

If that perspective has you a tad freaked out, keep reading…I won’t leave you there, but we need to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.


Not only do these jabs have the potential to make the immune system non-responsive to future variants of the coronavirus, there are at least three other major problems.

FIRST, it is now becoming clear these shots, at least temporarily, turn off your immune system’s ability to recognize friend from foe.

Part of the mechanism of action (for which a Nobel Prize was awarded) is that these injections cause the “toll-like receptors” of our immune system to not attack foreign mRNA.

Toll-like receptors are the gatekeepers that empower the immune system to do things like:

  1. Recognize native vs. foreign mRNA

  2. Distinguish healthy cells from cancer cells

  3. Put viruses in check so they remain dormant

Can you see why that might be a problem?

Say hello to the possibility of the return of aggressive cancer and the opportunity for dormant viruses to remerge.

Maybe you even know people this has happened to?

SECOND, we were told the injected spike proteins would stay hyper-local in the shoulder and thus the immune system would surround the enemy, learn its ways, clean up the injection site, and humoral (memory) immunity would confer protection.

As it turns out, the logic of that first assumption makes as much sense as having a peeing section in a pool.

In what’s called a “biodistribution study” Japanese researchers found the spike protein (which is toxic) was able to travel through the entire body—including across the highly-sensitive, blood-brain barrier.

The highest concentration of these spike proteins was actually found in the ovaries.

Perhaps this explains why in Pfizer’s own study (see page 67) they acknowledged there is a risk for pregnant women (via “inhalation and skin contact”) if exposed to someone who has had the vaccine.

Might that explain the reports of menstrual, fertility and miscarriage issues in women?

We know scientists have been working on vaccines that spread like a disease.

THIRD, these jabs also contain the instructions to turn your cells into spike-protein factories.

Not only is the spike-protein what opens the cell wall to allow the virus inside, these spiky bits (whether from covid or from the jab) cause your cells to begin manufacturing a protein that can cause blood platelets to stick together—hello blood clots.

Do you see the obvious problem with these shots not staying in your arm—i.e. escaping capture by the immune system and replicating all over the body?

With the right trigger, cells all over an injected person’s body might not only simultaneously become a spike-protein factory that thickens the blood, but can also cause the immune system to start attacking any cells that make the spike protein.

Hello potential micro clots (found on a D-Dimer test) as well as potential auto-immunity.

Side note: As I detailed in 18 reasons post, science already knew about this phenomenon (of body-wide inflammation) from all the animal studies in the previous 20 years of attempts to make coronavirus vaccines.

Those experiments ended with body-wide inflammation that overwhelmed the test animals.

Should we be surprised then that in the first autopsy (of a human who died after receiving the jab), this same phenomenon is exactly what was found.

Given this was a known potential side-effect, where is the “spare-no-expense” money for doing as many autopsies as necessary to confirm if this is what’s happening for those who die after being injected?

Why is it left to private, brave pathologists like this one in Germany and this one in Idaho, or this one in Michigan (who risk their careers) to do the autopsies and report their (troubling) findings.

Can you see now why Geert Vanden Bossche, and over 12,000 other doctors and scientists signed this petition to stop the jab program, and over 59,000 signed this one?

If all these doctors are willing to buck the system, maybe it’s because they are seeing…


It would be one thing if these jabs were just a big, ineffective dud, but unfortunately that’s not what we're dealing with.

As you might imagine, given the mechanisms mentioned above, these jabs are, by orders of magnitude, the most harmful products ever to be labeled a vaccine.

In fact, it should give anyone pause that all vaccines injuries in the last 30 years combined don’t equal the carnage we’ve seen in 2021 alone.

This graph says it all…

But wait you (might) protest, aren’t those numbers skewed because no other vaccine has been used this widely?

Good question.

The answer is no.

Here’s an adjusted graph to account for that objection.

No matter what way you may want to pivot the data, the graph stubbornly looks the same.

This would explain why the covid jab has killed more active-duty military than covid has.

This would explain why funeral-home directors (like this brave one) are reporting an excessive amount of mortality (business) from families whose loved ones have taken the jab.

In short, we’re vastly over-counting covid cases and deaths, and vastly, intentionally, dismissively, undercounting death and adverse reactions.

What am I talking about?

Ready for another doozy?

In a sworn affidavit, a CDC whistleblower said the numbers for covid-jab adverse reactions are under reported by at least a factor of five.

For context of how egregious this is, in 1976 the US pulled the plug on the rushed H1N1 vaccine after a few-dozen reported deaths.

A few dozen.

How many more deaths do we need to see before we end this jab program?

And it's not just the death counts that are being ignored, it's also...


Of the countless examples I could use for this one, I’ll stick with three.

FIRST, check out this website for Vax Long Haulers.

This not a website of people who are anti-vaccine.

It's a site of people abandon by the medical establishment who just "want to be heard."

With over 800,000 adverse events reported to VAERS, this sad, "six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon," means that if you don’t yet know someone injured, sickened, or killed by these jabs (like I do), you likely will soon.

Yet, in a telling example of cognitive dissonance, you likely also know (or will know) people (including medical professionals) dismissive of verified, debilitating adverse reactions because that would either be too uncomfortable to contemplate, or they never thought to correlate the obvious.

If you’re in favor of these shots, please help me understand why we should be trusting of efficacy and dismissive of harm when the products are still in clinical trials?

That seems like the opposite of a reasonable approach.

SECOND, some want to argue that the VAERS database is simply reporting correlated cases, not confirmed injuries or deaths.

While that’s not entirely true (it takes time to confirm them all), let’s just assume it was:

With over 18,000 correlated deaths and 800,000 correlated injuries, where is the will to “warp speed” the hiring of as many people as necessary to get through the backlog and confirm the safety data?

We had $4B+ dollars spend on promoting the vaccines—never mind the cost to create them.

Where’s the spare-no-expense mentality for an effective tracking system?

Why did OSHA quietly tell businesses (who require their employees to get the jab) that OSHA will not enforce the law that requires companies to report adverse reactions to the jab?

Think about it…we are bombarded with headlines about cases and death, but we willfully turn a blind eye to all information about harm from the jabs?


THIRD, perhaps nothing typifies this flagrant disregard for safety more than the ridiculous, unconscionable use of these jabs for children.

In case you like lists, here are 10 red flags that reveal the FDA’s shady and “preposterous junk science” used in the approval for kids.

Here’s the short version:

Children incur a higher risk of injuries and death from the vaccines than from covid.

For brevity, I’ll stick with the easiest example of a flashing-red-light-safety-signal among children, myocarditis—i.e. swelling of the heart that produces permanent heart damage and sometimes death.

That’s not something healthy adolescents randomly experience.

Yet it is happening at shockingly-high numbers of kids given these jabs, especially boys (age 12-17) who are four to six times more likely to be hospitalized for myocarditis than covid.

Check out the expected vs. observed (in red) incidence of myocarditis after the covid injections.

Look closer and you’ll note this data collection stops at the end of Day 6!

Who knows how many injuries go unreported because they showed up outside one week?

It’s info like this that caused Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland to pause Moderna’s shot.

Yet, the FDA just approved the shot for kids age 5-11?

Seriously…who is following the science and who is not?

One would think if the US government wanted to build confidence in these injections (and the entire vaccine program) they would have at least withdrawn the shots for children.

Instead, despite black-and-white evidence of more harm than benefit, the CDC blatantly says “the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

According to what data CDC?

Are you blatantly lying, incompetent, or both?

The only thing we can follow is the money, because there is no good logic or science to justify the ongoing jab campaign, nor, in light of the above, can it be fathomable to take away people’s freedoms and livelihoods if they refuse an ineffective, risky product.

If you need further evidence of an agenda, look no further than…


If you were trying to take comfort in the jab’s safety because of the “full-approval” status, brace yourself.

This may be the ugliest black-eye the FDA has ever had.

For starters, there is no fully-approved covid jab available anywhere in the world.

Wait, what?

Yeah, the approved “Comirnaty” shot won’t be available until 2023 or 2024.

Wait, but isn’t the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) jab the same as the approved jab?


They’re the same…but different (see footnote 8 on page 2).

How different?

We don’t know.

Even US Senators can’t get the FDA to answer that question.


Good, I think that’s the point.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, just get your darn (outdated) shot already!

Come on…surely, there must be pages and pages of publicly-available data behind the approval.


The FDA has formally asked to wait until 2076 to fully release the data.

What's more, the FDA is currently being taken to court because they broke the law and won’t show the data they relied upon to approve the shot.

You can't make this stuff up.

If you care to wade through what seems to be intentionally-confusing semantics, read this.

I’d love to believe in these jabs, but someone please explain to me:

  1. How the heck does Pfizer know what strain of covid might be around two or more years from now that they can already have a fully-approved shot ready?

  2. Why Pfizer redacted 22% of the ingredients (see pages 6 and following) in their new “approved” vaccine and the FDA had to be FOIA-ed to make that ingredient public.

  3. Why Pfizer hid from the public that they used aborted fetal cells in the production of their vaccines and we only found that out because of a Pfizer whistleblower.

  4. Why, in approving the shot, did the FDA skip public comments and the regular VRBPAC meeting—you know that supposedly-third-party, oversight, review-board that weighs in on full approval.

Meh…that’s too much red tape for something we want to forcibly inject into everyone.

So much for the scientific, transparency pledge the FDA told us about.

Informed consent? Ha!

Foxes guarding the hen house?

Help me out, I don’t know any other way to see this.

It appears the full-approval was simply a ruse to give cover for mandates…and of course allow Pfizer go through the backstock of all the expiring vials that will go to waste without coercion.

Oh, but it gets worse…


Then there’s this.

After a study of a whopping 329 healthy people (including 12 people over 65), with no control group, and after following these healthy people for "over two months" Pfizer had the audacity to ask for full approval to give a third shot of the same formulation...to all adults.

Instead of skipping another advisory-council meeting to review the risk/benefit of approving another shot of the same dud, the VRBPAC committee did meet this time.

After a full-day, open-for-public-comment period, and after hearing doctor after doctor say things like this and