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What Does it Mean to be a Whole Human?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed by the many hats you have wear?

Ever feel like your health just has to take a backseat to other priorities?

Maybe you could use a "Health Manifesto"?


Nina and I sat down to write a short little ditty that captured our health philosophy.

We wanted something that spoke to why we named our business TRUE Whole Human.

We wanted something that spoke of the themes of being proactive, of not making health this separate thing we practice on the side, but something that's woven into the fabric of how we live--something that empower us be healthy, but also enjoy life.

We wanted something timeless, something to keep us humble, that let us take a stand where we need to, and something that viewed health habits, not as an annoyance, but as the engine of a well-lived life.

We also wanted something we can work to model and pass on to our kids.

Below is what we came up with.

A Whole Human is a new breed of healthy living enthusiast.

We’re more excited about what could be than what is.

There is a lot to being who we are, so we look at our lives holistically.

We’re done with status quo, reactionary medicine and doctors for every body part.

We’re also not about quick fixes, “bio-hacks,” or unsustainable methods.

It’s not us against our bodies; it’s us listening to and learning from our bodies.

We expect something better than “results not typical.”

Politicians and regulators can debate which options we should have.

We’re looking for methods that fits our lives, not systems we have to fit into.

The timeless nature of human physiology and psychology is where we start.

We know health is complex, but breakthroughs don’t have to be complicated.

We’ve take ownership to practice and integrate our own health-care.

We are about stewardship, curiosity, and learning from others and ourselves.

We want safe places to overcome our struggles and celebrate our victories.

We know we won’t be perfect, but we are determined to rise strong when we fall.

We choose to play life full out so we can look back on a life well spent.

We’d prefer the pain of discipline to the pain of degeneration and regret.

We’re not invincible, but we’re highly capable.

Potential is our inspiration.

Consistency is our superpower.

We choose this way because it lets us savor life and make a difference in this world.

That’s what being a Whole Human means to us.

To put it simply, we are:

Curious: We know we can become more and we’re endlessly fascinated to find ways to make our lives better.

Committed: To continuous learning, to being proactive about our health, and to putting in the work to make our goals happen.

Strategic: We do our best to not take on too much. We work on acquiring and owning one skill at a time and then move on to master another.

Grounded: By the reality that we’re highly capable, but not invincible. We know we need each other and we actively seek meaningful connections.

Selective: We choose to be excellent at those few things in life that matter the most to us, and let go of the rest.

Social: We enjoy a community of like-minded people. We actively seek to inspire others and reach out when we need to be inspired ourselves.

Flawsome (Flawed, yet awesome): We won’t always execute perfectly or account for every variable, but we’re committed to doing our best, getting up every time we fall, and trying again and again until we succeed.

If the above resonates, welcome.

You're at home here.

And we're so glad to be part of your tribe.

Stay flawsome,

Christian...and Nina

PS. Want to know more about the work we do? Check this out.

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