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Convention Wisdom Always Has Blind Spots 

Welcome to a blog about how we build health, what makes us want to, and how to overcome anything.

Hi, I'm Christian Elliot.

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This site is dedicated to questioning conventional thinking in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, human nature, human potential, and more. I hope to be your source for a level-headed, game-changing approach to health. I seek better ways to live life to the fullest, add meaning to my work, depth to my relationships, and play to my adventures.


I'll do my best to stay curious and humble. You do the same and we're both bound to learn something.

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You could call me a natural health nerd. I'm a husband and father of five young kids. I wear funny looking toe shoes. I wear out podcasts and audiobooks faster than people can make them. I get paid to ask thoughtful questions and I love writing about what I learn.


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