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Guest Post: An Open Letter to Your Smoothie

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Dear green smoothie, We need to break up. I remember when I found you on Pintrest, you with your cute diagram, bright green photo, I jumped in whole-heartedly, hanging your recipe on my fridge. You promised me a tasty "meal replacement," boasted of your "high antioxidants" and wooed me with your "healthy" way to "detox." 

Instead, you left me bloated, destined for a sugar crash, and hangry only an hour later. I recently heard all that raw kale and spinach could actually give me kidney stones. NOT the detox I signed up for... I should have seen the signs. Too much sugar, oxalic acid, protein from denatured whey and sugar alcohols... I am moving on...I found something way better...

Totally swipe right ;) 

It's time I get the love I deserve,


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