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Opting Out of Overwhelm

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Does the idea of transforming your health sometimes feel like a monumental task? 

If you’re like most people…your new year’s resolution barely made it to February?  

When was the last time you felt like this guy?

What happened to that last health goal you set? Life…it got in the way. 

Sometimes, the complexity of trying to change your health can feel like it’s so far away that even the idea of getting started is hard.  


  • You get your diet on track, but the extra planning and constant, seemingly self-replicating dishes in the sink creates a surprising amount of emotional friction. 

  • You start to exercise but find yourself begrudging the need to go to bed earlier.

  • That date night or weekly social outing…something always seems to come up.

So how do you fit it all in, especially if life throws a wrench into your already stressful life?  Here’s an idea…you don’t.

Maybe what’s better than trying to “get it all done” is to opt out.

Maybe you’re carrying more on your plate than you need to.  

Now before you tell me I don’t know how busy you are, I’ll bet you money I do. How do I know? I understand because I have to wrestle with all those tensions myself. I get it. I have a wife, four young kids (which we homeschool), and my wife and I run a business. 


I’m stubborn. I want to get it all done. I too overestimate my capacity from time to time.

But, I’m learning that doing more can be exhausting and counterproductive. I’m learning that doing less, and being really good at it, can be exhilarating.

Asking hard questions about what I can opt out of helps me reclaim time, sanity, hope, and a feeling of progress. 

And guess what happens when hope returns: So does mojo and confidence. Hope, mojo, and confidence are the rocket fuel of sustainable change. 


Where are you “medicating” your busy schedule with things you really don’t want, but feel good in the moment?

Where are you saying yes to something simply to avoid feeling guilty about letting others down?

Where can you do a “habit swap” of something good, for something…not so good? 

What’s adding stress you don’t need to be carrying?  

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May the upcoming season be filled with new hope an excitement about how you can reduce stress, and become the person you know you can be…when you’re not overwhelmed.

Here's to living life on purpose!


PS. Need a coach to help you transform your health...and keep it from feeling overwhelming? I've got something for you. Check this out. We eat overwhelm for breakfast.

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