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Stop Stretching...It's Not Helping

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Back a little achy? Body feeling stiff? Hamstrings chronically tight? Have a "knot" in one of those muscles between your neck and shoulder? Makes sense that you should stretch muscles to keep from getting too tight, right? Or does it?

If you're like most people, somewhere, someone who should know told you the best way to reduce pain and your risk of injury is to "do your stretches."

I WONDER WHAT MUSCLES THINK ABOUT THAT... It's worth asking. Do muscles tighten because they're bored? Maybe they're just angry with you and enjoy making life harder? Do muscles appreciate you pressing on them to "work out the knots?" Do they appreciate it when you tell them to "relax"? If we look at it from their point of view, probably not. They're only doing what the nervous system tells them to do. In other words, "Don't blame me. I'm just following orders to hold things together." Maybe, just maybe, stretching is actually making you more susceptible to injury? Maybe there is a better way to reduce stiffness in your body, gain flexibility, and lower your risk of injury. 


Maybe tight muscles are a symptom of a weakness somewhere else, a weakness that when corrected, could relived the unwanted tightness and reduce or eliminate pain.  Maybe, like so many other areas of our health, it's better to work with our bodies than to give them orders. Intrigued? Check out the video above from one of our group programs where I take of the myth of stretching and present a better way. 

BONUS: I also take on a myth related to how hard your workouts need to be to get results.  Hope you find the video helpful. If you have questions or interest in other videos in this series, just hit me up and I'd be happy to help. You can reach me at Here's to you reclaiming some buoyant, pain-free motion,


PS. Once a year (the first two weeks of December) we offer our 14-Day Pain-Free Movement Challenge for a crazy low price. The rest of the year, it's tucked away as a small part of our Transformational Weight-Loss Academy.

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