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The Impracticality of Fearing Germs

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Been out in public recently?

I don't know about you, but this whole quarantine has got me imagining all sorts of scenarios for what the "new normal" will look like after this.

No doubt you've seen people wearing masks, gloves, or some other form of "protection" against the coronavirus. Maybe you're even one of those people?

If you saw my recent article Why I'm Not Afraid of Germs...Including the Coronavirus then you know why I'm still not afraid of germs.

By the time I'm done with this article, I hope you see why you don't need to be either.

More importantly, I hope to help you feel empowered to look at what's happening in a whole new light.


Part of what I like about writing a blog by that name is, in addition to examining historical-wrong-turns we may have made, I also get to take ideas to their logical conclusions.

This "pandemic" is overflowing with opportunities for such examinations.

First, let's take this germ hysteria to its laughable, logical conclusion, and then I'll offer a more sane response to what we're seeing.


Let's start with a silly example.

Maybe you heard about the man attempting to invent what amounts to a shock collar to zap himself when his hand gets too close to his face?

Wow, I wonder...

  • How he plans to get food to his mouth?

  • If he hopes to eliminate high shelves?

  • What his plan is next time his nose itches?

  • How comfortable that collar is to sleep in?

  • If he has allergies, lives anywhere cold, or eats spicy will he blow his nose?

  • What the plan is if he ever gets an embarrassing nasal know, those pesky boogers that sometimes go visible at the wrong time. Meh...just live with it.

  • To be sensitive to people wearing his new contraption, maybe we should ban the careless phrase "head scratcher" to describe problems?

We never can be too careful...or can we?

Regardless, I'm glad the surgery to remove the magnets from his nose was successful.


If microbes could tell jokes, oh my gosh...their night-time talk shows would contain endless hilarity about the silliness of human behavior as we grasp for an illusion of control over them.

If you want a way to visualize what we're attempting with this lockdown, picture this:

  1. Imagine someone sneezed into a bowl of invisible, self-replicating glitter which got all you, and countless people.

  2. Then imagine for 7-14 days you and others have no any idea you're carrying this self-replicating glitter. How many places and things do you think the glitter with touch?

Got the image in your mind of things covered in glitter?

How in the world would you clean that up?


Now imagine two germs cracking themselves us as they role play two germaphobic shoppers.


"Love the new well-spaced, designated, customer-standing-areas and bank-teller-shielded checkout stands sweeping the nation's retailers?"

"No way germs can get around those suckers!"

"And the important."

"And fashionable!"

"Oh crap, wait...I just noticed my checker doesn't change her gloves between customers!"

"Are we doing this right?"

"Wait...where have those gloves been anyway, and how do we know?"

" we even know the manufacturing practices of the Chinese company that makes them."

"I hope those weren't made those in Wuhan!"


"You're right, that makes me think we need to demand verifiable tracking numbers and video recordings of the entire journey the gloves went on before my checker put them on?"

"Good idea, but how do we know the person handing out the boxes of gloves isn't an asymptomatic carrier?"

"Duh...of course we need to know checker touched ALL my items to ring them up!"

"Oh my gosh...what if my checker is an asymptomatic carrier, and is spreading the virus onto her gloves?"

[germs gasp dramatically, then laugh at themselves.]

"Yeah, yeah...I want to see the scientifically-validated, peer-reviewed, blood test of anti-body levels on every employee who walks into a store!"


"Yeah, how else will I know if my essential, immune-boosting soda, ice cream, alcohol, and toilet paper haven't been contaminated?"

[laughing uncontrollably]

"Right, and is anyone keeping tabs on where the check-stand workers go between shifts?"

"Oh, and who is making sure they wash their hands properly after they go to the restroom!"

"I vote for surveillance cameras in ALL restrooms of anyone who still has a job."

"We need transparency!"


"Yeah...and I want to demand we double with width of all aisles in all stores so everyone can stay at least six feet away from me when shopping."

"Better yet, give me traffic cops in at the end of each aisle so we make sure two people don't turn a corner and bump into each other."

"And let's start fining or firing anyone who violates the above."

"Yeah...that'll teach em!"


"Oh...wait, wait...I'll betcha no one has thought of this...what are we doing about the possibility of wind at store entrances?"

"Or that careless person who generates wind by dropping something!"

"Right! The wind can blow a virus way further than six feet!"

"What if the wind blows a piece of the virus onto my purchase?"

"Who bears liability for that?"

"More importantly, how do we sanitize the wind?

"We need answers people!"

"Yeah...and don't even get me started on what to about Amazon shipping, playground equipment, sporting events, concerts, going to the movies, or religious gatherings."

"Right...who is going to sanitize all that?"

"And who is in charge of monitoring the sanitizers?"

"And while we're at it, how do we get my toddler to not put everything is his mouth?"

"Why can't kids be afraid of germs like us informed adults?"

"How in the world did we survive childhood anyway?"

[Both germs laugh...the lights dim.]

You see my point.

This is ridiculous.


It's impractical.

We can't kill every last germ, nor will staying away from each other for a while make all germs give up, go somewhere else, or vanish from the planet.

That's as plausible as one of the Avengers snapping his fingers and all germs on the planet being instantly vaporized.

The only way we overcome this is by enough of us getting it, overcoming it, and leaving the virus nowhere else to go--in other words, exactly what happens every year with the flu.

That doesn't mean washing our hands is pointless.

Sanitary practices are important, but the reality is...

Germs are, and always will be, with us, in us, on us, and covering every inch of this planet.

What matters is not the microbe, but our own internal terrain, our baseline health.

What matters now is that we build our health.

Where are the emergency government interventions for that?


Here's an important question and reasonable objection some of you have:

What about those with compromised immunity...shouldn't we be protecting them?

Great question!


What makes more sense to you...1) to quarantine the entire working world, or 2) to create measures to discover and quarantine those who have compromised immunity?

What makes more sense you

  1. Treat those who do get ill with natural products and medications we already have (like hydroxy-chloroquine, zinc, Vitamin C, and others), OR

  2. Lockdown the globe while we wait for 12-18 months for a fast-tracked, vaccine that might not even be safe or effective?

Yes, those who have compromised immunity are absolutely deserving of our best efforts to protect them from unnecessary exposure while the rest of the herd builds immunity.

But, does crashing our economy for what amounts to something less dangerous than the seasonal flu warrant exposing countless millions of us to loneliness, depression, anxiety, ruined businesses, bankruptcy, hopelessness, and hysteria?*

I'd argue no.

Do you think differently?

What's worse is this...

A 1% rise in unemployment is equivalent to over 50,000 related deaths in the next five years.

We're looking at way more than a 1% rise in unemployment.

In other words, unemployment will kill more than the worst projections for COVID deaths.

Why aren't more politicians or news anchors talking about that every day too?

But it gets deeper.


How many people are dying with COVID-19 vs. of COVID-19?

In other words, if you were in the hospital dying of cancer, and ended up also contracting the coronavirus right before you died, your death would now be called a coronavirus death, not a cancer death.

Yes, from the White House podium our own government is proudly announcing they are actively, aggressively, unashamedly, inflating the number of coronavirus deaths.


I'm having a hard time coming up with any other way to see it.

Then there's this...


You've heard New York is the epicenter of this outbreak right--the place on the planet with the highest number of deaths?

Curious how many people died of only the coronavirus (not a co-morbidity) in New York as of April 9th, 2020?

You ready for this...


Only 13 of those deaths were under age 45.

Sound hard to believe?

I wish I could say I'm still trying to be funny.


If you're one of those who think you're getting real story from the mainstream media and the CDC, I have to burst that bubble.

You're not...


Follow the money, or better yet...

And start watching The Highwire.

It's hosted by a man who won an Emmy award as a producer for the CBS show The Doctors.

The host is an investigative journalist, documentary film maker, and natural health expert. He started a non-profit called the Informed Consent Action Network.

Not only have they won lawsuits against the CDC, NIH, FDA and HHS, they also employ a team of scientists, researchers, and lawyers who can dig up information others can't.

The show is every Thursday at 2pm ET.

Watch it and you'll feel like the blinders fell off because you got the full story from real, investigative journalism--real numbers, real doctors, real mathematicians, real scientists, and real epidemiologists from around the world.

That show is like being able to watch an informative documentary each week--it's what journalism used to be before it became a purchasable commodity.


BLOG POST UPDATE 1/11/21: The video linked below was censored by YouTube and Facebook. If it was still up, here's what you would have learned in this episode.

  1. Why ventilators may actually be doubling the death rates, not saving lives: 2:50

  2. Why our government is blatantly inflating the number of COVID deaths: 47:15

  3. Why hospitals are financially incentivized to label any death as a COVID death: 50:35

  4. The W.H.O. discussion about forcibly removing sick people from their homes: 57:45

  5. How much Donald Trump actually has financially invested in chloroquine: 1:09:14

  6. How fantastically well chloroquine (plus Zinc) is working to treat COVID: 1:10:37

  7. Why quarantine (especially schools and businesses) is making the virus deadlier. 1:25:17

  8. What real herd immunity looks like (1:29:49) and why Fauci is against it: 2:06:16

  9. Why China has herd immunity and has restarted their economy: 1:54:21

  10. What the numbers in China and the U.S. look like backdated with the known, 7-14-day incubation period, and how we had flattened the curve before quarantine: 1:58:05

We've been duped people.

Whether for good or bad intentions, conspiracy or not, the World Health Organization and our government got COVID-19 100% wrong.

If we had let it run its course, it would be over, and it would not have been any more deadly (less actually) than a seasonal flu--see time stamps 1:00:32, and 1:23:13, 1:27:03 in the video above.

I was slow to the party on that last sentence (thus why I haven't posted in over a month), but plenty of scientists were saying that before quarantine.

If anything I just said makes you balk and think I'm crazy, click the link for a collection of powerful resources I put together to get around the censorship.

I challenge you to watch this entire documentary and get back to me.

Go on, accept the challenge.

I'm not being snarky. I'm actually sincere.

Watch it, and come back to me with all the facts/questions you've got, and I'd love to have a non-hysterical, level-headed discussion with you.

Chances are I'll learn something important from you too.

If you take the challenge, my guess is, you'll thank me for helping you see what's happening, what's worth being anxious over, and what you can do to help us end this germaphobic, economy-crushing, soul-isolating, quarantine nonsense.


Maybe you're reading this and thinking new thoughts you never would have without this crazy lockdown?

Maybe we have a chance to expose the wizards behind the curtain?

Maybe we can leverage this time to something great we never could have done without it?


I won't hold my breath for our leaders (of any political persuasion) to apologize and admit they got it wrong.

It's human nature to spin our past mistakes, and to downplay our blind spots.

We all do it, and our leaders are no less human than you and me.

That said, how they put lipstick on this pig, and which agendas win in the court of public opinion will indeed be interesting, no critically important, to watch.


Stay humble, knowing that you (like me) don't know everything.

And then, get curious...really curious.

Don't just read headlines and watch mainstream media that offers 3-4-minute segments.

That's lazy.

Read entire articles, follow links, and research like it's your job to be able to explain what's happening so you can argue both sides.

Seek out contrarian viewpoints.



What's worse...

  1. To believe there's not a conspiracy going on and be right, or

  2. To believe there's not a conspiracy going on and be wrong?

What was worse for the German people in the 1930s:

  1. To believe their government could never become that censored, corrupt, and evil, or

  2. To believe their government could never become those things...and be wrong?

Maybe what we're facing isn't as serious as Nazism...but is it best to assume it's not?

I'd argue it's better to be skeptical than trusting right now.

Regardless of whether you love or hate our President, particular politicians, or our regulatory agencies, look past that.

Be willing to questions assumptions you've had for a long time.

As you learn what's going on, lend your voice so you can help us all find a better path forward.


We have such a unique window to create a better world after this!

Big business (Pharma in particular) may be able to...

  1. Prop up whoever they want running the regulatory agencies.

  2. Write the laws and lobby for the votes they need in Congress.

  3. Control the media because they pay 50-70% of the advertising revenue.

BUT, here are two places they can't win:

  1. They can't win in the courts when they have to argue from facts.

  2. They can't overcome a groundswell of change demanded in the court of public opinion if we all start thinking for ourselves.

This is our chance!

Challenge me, yourself, and others to think hard.

When you do challenge others in their thinking, muster as much grace as you can.

God knows we're all a little more on edge than normal these days.

Get the Facts. Join the Movement. Spread the Word.

What can you do now (and look back on after this is over) and be proud of yourself for?

How will I be doing my part to support you?

For starters, I'll keep writing.

I know I'm going to rile some of you up. Maybe that's a good thing?

Maybe you'll try to counterpoint what I say and we'll both learn something.

If you're interested in future thoughts I have, consider subscribing at the bottom of this page.

For those who want some personal help, check out our health coaching program.


Your hope for a bright, healthy future, isn't in a medical breakthrough.

Hope comes from taking 100% ownership for your health.

What a chance we all have to wipe the slate clean, and build better health (and better lives) on the other side of lockdown.

You don't have to be worried about your health, and your body is WAY more capable than you've been led to believe.

If you're ready to build a foundation to make you unflappable the next time a "pandemic" rolls around, let's keep the conversation going.

Stay well, and keep asking tough questions everyone.

Until next time,


PS. Curious about the work I do...check this out.

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Thanks Christian....another well-done piece of work. I am spreading the word about your web site through word of mouth, and I hope others are doing the same thing, although it is being rejected by MSM. A friend posted one of your articles on Linked in and his post was immediately flagged for removal. The Fourth Estate has truly replaced the 'demos' in today's "democracies" all around the world.

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