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Is Your Personality What's Blocking Your Health?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Why knowing yourself better is the first step toward

unlocking the health you've been looking for.

Ever gone around in circles with the same health goal?

Ever felt defeated or frustrated upon realizing an entire volume of effort was wasted?

Ever watched someone in a similar situation achieve success, yet when you tried the same thing it didn’t work?

My friend, let me first applaud you for your effort, and put to words something you probably know but hadn’t articulated.


You know there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health goals.

What works for one person, just doesn’t work for another.

Here's the rub though: We're all bound by the same biological laws of physics.

We all need…

  • Water

  • Sleep

  • Nutritious food

  • Exercise and movement

  • Genuine human connection

  • And effective ways to manage stress

Given that, it seems like this equation of good health should be simpler, right?

So, why is it that what works for one person doesn't work for another?


While the medical, alternative, nutrition, and fitness worlds continue to argue about who has the best science, and thus the best program everyone should follow…

I'd argue we’re looking for answers in the wrong places…

Maybe we’re so focused on calories, portion sizes, meds, blood tests, hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies, or the “best types of exercise” that we’re missing the point.

You want to know the biggest X factor to your health goals?

Here it is in one word…


Maybe it’s less about:

  • 7 vs. 8 hours of sleep

  • Cardio vs. weights

  • Probiotics vs. vitamins

  • Surgery vs. alternative options

  • Medications vs. supplements

  • Intermittent fasting vs. portion control

  • Keto vs. Whole30

Maybe if you cracked the code of YOU first, the rest of the pieces would become obvious, quickly fall into place, and your health would improve dramatically?

Maybe your...

  • Personality

  • Stress responses

  • Avoidance patterns

  • Recurring strategic errors

  • Identity issues/insecurities

  • Strengths and shadow side

  • Ideal learning environment

  • Most helpful forms of guidance and accountability…

...are actually the most important factors to sort out.

Maybe wrestling with those things is where your breakthrough is going to be found.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

If you don't understand your triggers and errors in judgment, you're bound to keep repeating the same patterns.

That's why the average American goes on a diet 55 times.

That's impressive resilience, but it's also the classic definition of insanity.

Knowing yourself is how you break that cycle.


This past year, Nina and I did a deep dive into this human-nature element of change.

We wanted to bring something fresh and deeply transformative to the process of achieving health goals.

We took our 15+ years of working with clients, our multi-year study of behavioral psychology, personality types and behavior change, and stretched ourselves to come up with a helpful diagnostic to help clients see how their personality is influencing their path to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As we worked, we ended up realizing there are four, distinct, and predictable Health-Transformation Types.

Those types are the…

  • Driven Achiever

  • Methodical Strategiest

  • Social Go-Getter

  • Bold Competitor

Originally, the assessment was meant to be another diagnostic tool for our clients.

But as we worked on it we realized it is something that could benefit anyone.

So, we turned it into a FREE two-minute quiz anyone can take.

If you could use an exercise to help you know yourself a bit better, the quiz will illuminate some you-specific factors that will make or break your success achieving health goals.

If you want to find out your type, as well as get ideas for how to leverage your strengths and compensate for your shadow side, you can…

Whatever your health goals are for the months ahead, we know from experience that knowing yourself better is the biggest key to accelerated progress.

Even more helpful is knowing this: Your strengths and shadow side with health goals...tend to show up as patterns in other areas of your life too.

Learn your Health-Transformation Type, and ALL of life will get better.

So, here’s to “knowing thyself” and having the courage to lean into the deep work of sustainable change.

Until next time, hope you find the quiz helpful!

Christian...and Nina

PS. Curious to learn more about all four types, and how to overcome the "knowing vs. doing" problem, click here. Want to learn more about what we do? Click here.

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