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The Covid Wizards: Who, Why, How…and Why They Will Lose

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Anyone besides me had a relationship strained due to your perspective on covid?

Perhaps you too have felt disoriented due to shifting or shrinking friend circles in the last year?

Back in April of 2020 I wrote an article called The Impracticality of Fearing Germs.

It sparked a dialogue with a good friend about my perspective of world events.

Whereas I was becoming more and more distrusting of the mainstream narratives and measures governments were taking, she became more and more convinced the measures were justified and the world was facing a very serious threat from a novel virus.

Despite both of our best and sincere attempts to understand where the other person was coming from, after a few rounds of back and forth she said:

“It must be exhausting keeping up with all those conspiracy theories” to which I thought (but chose not to say) “It must be hard to breathe when you bury your head in the sand.”

As you could imagine, neither of our sentiments proved fruitful.

She told me not to send her any more material because censorship is “not my fight” and that she will never be in “that camp” (whatever that means).

I didn’t understand her perspective, but (with a melancholy that lasted for weeks), I honored her wishes.

Fair or not, accurate or not, I couldn’t let go of feeling like I failed her.

I resigned myself to thinking that time would have to bear out the truth of what I told her.

It hasn’t…at least not yet.

Fast forward about a year later and both of us are shocked the other person hasn’t “woken up yet.”

  • Where she sees mis-information, I see missed-information.

  • Where she sees alarming death numbers, I see manufactured death numbers.

  • Where she sees a trustworthy CDC and FDA, I see shady, captured agencies.

  • Where she sees a civic duty to “social distance” I see forced psychological trauma, a lack of science, and oppressive fear tactics.

  • Where she sees going to a mask-free church as reckless, I see a responsibility to give my family a sense of normalcy.


How is it that two decently-rational people see world events so differently?

How did we develop such strong opinions about issues that never existed before?

How did our starting assumptions and human nature quirks play into the conversation?

Are there objective facts that could actually change my mind or hers, or are we doomed to echo-chamber thinking and never speaking to each other again?


Since the above-mentioned dialogue played out, I’ve been endlessly fascinated with how the interaction with my friend might have gone better.

I don’t want to live in a world where friends are so easy to lose.

But, we can’t both be right…something is missing.

To help us all feel saner, more empathetic, and genuinely hopeful, what I hope to accomplish below is an exploration of three straightforward questions:

  1. Who is driving the mainstream covid narrative?

  2. Why are almost all governments responding the same way?

  3. How did our elected leaders get the masses to go along with this?

If, like me, you’ve been looking for answers to the who, why, and how questions…welcome.

I’m about to…

  1. Discuss the battle for your mind that is playing out in the news

  2. Show you how fantastically strategic the bad actors are

  3. Give you a boatload of references for what I show you

  4. Help you feel prepared to engage in a respectful dialogue

  5. Leave you a massive dose of hope for the road ahead

Buckle up…this is going to be a wild ride.


  1. For those who want to know how to reason someone like me out of my perspective, stay tuned. I’ll tell you exactly the questions/scenarios I’d like to see that, if you can help me, might reframe my perspective to more closely match yours.

  2. What’s more, I’d LOVE to hear the evidence/list of questions you’d like answered that have the potential to shift your perspective. What would you have to see to make you believe you’ve been misled about covid, not me?

Fair deal?


Let’s see if we can set up a fruitful dialogue…

  • I won’t call you a blind sheep, if you don’t call me a conspiracy theorist.

  • I won’t accuse you of being anti-medical freedom, if you don’t call me an anti-vaxxer.

I’ve found those labels (and ones like them) to be dismissive, completely unhelpful, and a barrier to logical dialogue…it’s as if by using those terms we say “whew” and absolve ourselves of the responsibility to think critically and genuinely consider another person’s point of view.

May that not be true here.

If you want to comment on this blog, fantastic. Please do so!

Agree or disagree with me, my only rules are that if you are rude (my judgment call), or use any of the prohibited labels above, your post will be deleted, no questions asked.

It’s my blog. I get to set the rules. Please play by them.

If you don’t like them, you can write your own blog.

OK…before I dive into who I think are (at least some of) the nefarious wizards behind the covid curtain, let me step back and make some important observations about human nature that have served me as a coach, and will (hopefully) get us all on the same page for a fruitful dialogue below.

Let’s start with this…


No one knows everything that’s going on.

Since none of us is privy to all that’s happening behind closed doors at cabinet meetings, public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, the WHO, and media/social media board rooms, all of us have to tell ourselves stories (create theories) to fill in the gaps of what we don’t know.

We actually do this “gap filling” all day, every day in our normal lives too.

When someone cuts us off in traffic, or when we see an expression on someone’s face that we don’t understand, we tell ourselves a story about what must be going on.

On one hand, it’s good that we do that; filling narrative gaps is how we make sense of our world and choose a belief or a course of action.

On the other hand, inaccurate gap filling can get us into logical or relational trouble.

The important points here are this:

  1. We can’t NOT tell ourselves stories to fill those gaps.

  2. Where we don’t have the full picture, we make assumptions.

Again, that’s not all bad, but a fruitful dialogue starts with acknowledging we all do this.

You don’t know everything. I don’t know everything.

Part of the work I do for clients (and try to do for myself) is to regularly question the truth of narratives and assumptions we are making.

Almost all of the time, client breakthroughs come from questioning assumptions and narratives, not digging our heels in and believing there is no other way to see things.

In the case of covid, there is no shortage of unverified assumptions going around.

With such high degree of uncertainty,

  1. Occam’s razor (i.e. the simplest possible answer is usually right) and

  2. The path of least resistance

…are both at play.

In other words, the easiest way forward is to believe (I’ll come back to that word later) the stories we are told by those we trust, or those with the biggest microphone—i.e. mainstream media.

No critical thinking needed, just believe.

If the stories we’re told fit what we want (hope) to be true, we tend to believe them.

That doesn’t mean everything our authority figures or mainstream media says is true or false.

I’m just stating the obvious, the easiest path is to believe what you hear in the news, especially when it validates your narratives and assumptions.

Now, before I divulge my thoughts on who I think are the covidian wizards up to no good, stick with me as I go a couple layers deeper into human nature.

The payoff will be worth it, I promise.


Layer #1: At the end of the day we humans are all driven by the same basic longings.

Yes, our desires can get horribly misdirected, yet I believe you (just like me), always long for hope, belonging, validation, love, romance, adventure, significance, dignity, appreciation, fairness, progress, recognition, and so on.

You want to be understood and you flounder without a meaningful project or sense of purpose.

How am I doing so far? Does that sound like you?


Layer #2: We can’t NOT seek to meet our basic, common longings.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, twisted or well-aimed, we will always, endlessly seek to satisfy the desires of our heart.

The challenge (or at least one challenge) is self-awareness.

If you’ve ever said, “I know what to do but can’t make myself do it,” what you’re admitting is that your own behavior is a puzzle to you.

If you think this only happens with diet or exercise, think bigger.

We all have emotional blind spots.

(SIDE NOTE: For more on unmet emotional needs check out other posts on this blog…this one for example.)

With that established let’s redirect this discussion back to covid and begin by looking at…


No doubt there are more than the three I’ll list below, but to me these three are the ones that rise to the top as realities we have to acknowledge.

#1: Humans long (need) to be in tribes (to belong) and to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The worst form of torture we’ve invented isn’t waterboarding, it’s solitary confinement.

Leave anyone void of human contact for long enough, and that person will crack.

We all need belonging and to feel the security of being part of a larger group.

If we don’t feel that connection to something bigger, if we don’t feel like we belong, we’ll do whatever it takes (even irrational things) to find somewhere we do belong.

The important point is this:

The pain of potentially being separated from our people is way worse than the pain of being illogical.

When cognitive dissonance shows up, we subconsciously tell ourselves we can always refine our thinking later, but what drives us is that we can’t bear to be separated from our people.

Part of our subconscious identity is wrapped up in the people we choose to associate with.

That is why facts alone rarely have the power to change our minds—facts are impersonal.

#2: Humans become irrational and easily manipulated when we are afraid.

Do you know what fear does to your brain?

As shown on FMRI machines, fear shuts down rational thought, quickly.

You literally have less than a second to put your thinking brain back in control when fear (or other strong emotions) fire from the base of your brain stem—the amygdala.

Miss that window, and you’re going to be reacting emotionally, not logically.

When fear happens, we will do just about anything to make it go away.

During the Nuremberg trials after WWII when the Nazi’s were asked how they were able to get the German population to go along with their agenda, the answer was simple…

They made the people afraid.

Reasons to be fearful always gets people’s attention--that’s why the news doesn’t lead with puppies and rainbows.

Where both sides of the covid debate hit gridlock is in labeling the other side as “fearmongers.”

For now, let’s throw out that label, give each other the benefit of the doubt that we’re trying to call things as we see it, and that our goal isn’t to make people afraid, but to find the truth.

Fair deal?

#3: Humans’ default setting is to always think we’re right.

All day every day, we see the world through the lens of what makes sense to us.

Because of that, we tend to see more of what we’re looking for.

Psychologist call it “confirmation bias.”

If you ever read the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie you may remember the insightful chapter on how we each assume if others disagree with us, they must be wrong.

In fairness, it’s not all bad that we operate this way—if we didn’t we would constantly doubt ourselves and eventually need to be admitted to the looney bin.

Yet, you can probably see the problem here.

If you do the math…it doesn’t add up.

No one can be right all of the time—not even Fauci.

As Carnegie pointed out, our desire to be right is so strong and predictable that even convicted felons (whose crime was witnessed by many) will go to their grave defiantly refusing to believe they did anything wrong.

Such people (who are no less human than me or you) will justify the heck out of everything and cling to any weak, twisted argument even when it is objectively, 100% wrong.

I’m wired this way…and so are you.

I highlight this, because without recognizing this propensity toward binary (“I’m right, you’re wrong”) thinking, it’s hard for any of us to overcome it.

Who of us wants to wake up tomorrow (or a year from now) and realize much of what we believed was a lie?

No one.

Yet, if we do the math, about half of us are going to be almost completely wrong about covid.

That is going to be an emotionally-painful day, and to combat that feeling, some of us will go to our grave refusing to believe we were duped.

It happens every generation.

Ours is no different.

My hope with what’s below is that it will help us ask some new questions, check our assumptions, and more accurately fill some narrative gaps so that whatever truths come to light in the days ahead, we can stay sane, keep our friends, and be wiser for whatever is next.

So, with all that said…


We live in a world where he or she who has the money makes the rules.

As Henry Kissinger put it: “Who controls money, controls the world.”

I don’t necessarily like that reality, but it is what it is.

We also live in a world of imperfect humans where some people wield a very disproportionate amount of power and influence.

Permit me a mere two bullets to show how consolidated money and power can become, or I should say, has become.

The sobering reality is that people behind these massive firms literally have the power to impact, buy, or bankrupt more or less any industry or business in the world.

My point isn’t to get into that complicated web.

My point is simply this:

With such a centralization of power, is it implausible to think that if someone could get enough of the people behind those firms to buy into a particular vision, one could orchestrate massive influence over global affairs?

Plausible, yes.

Is it actually happening? Read on and I’ll let you be the judge.


To make covid make sense, we need a quick history lesson about the three figures I (currently) see as most responsible for how covid has unfolded—Klaus Schwab (visionary), Bill Gates (visionary and funder), and Anthony Fauci (lynchpin-puppet/politician).

Are there other puppet masters I’m unaware of?

I’d be shocked if there aren’t.

For now, let’s put the covid puzzle together with what is public knowledge.

COVIDIAN WIZARD #1: Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum

You could call the WEF the world’s most elite clubhouse, or at least one of them.

The WEF was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab…who was born in Nazi Germany in 1938.

Right here on their website, you can read that the idea of the WEF is to bring together the “1,000 leading companies of the world.”

In 1974 (three years after it was founded), the WEF was expanded to include politicians.

NOTE: If you’re curious (like I was) to see who attends these meetings, you can click here to see pictures of attendees at a recent WEF summit.

Here’s the short version of what the WEF is all about.

Every February/March a couple thousand, super-rich people fly into Switzerland on their private jets to discuss things like how the rest of us can reduce our carbon footprint.

They put their minds together to brainstorm how to tackle what they perceive to be the world’s biggest challenges.

On the surface (minus the carbon-footprint hypocrisy) this sounds like a potentially great idea.

How cool would it be to get 2,000 movers and shakers together to share ideas and resources?

Good concept perhaps, but we also can’t be blind to…


Every organization has a mission, and a belief of what a better world looks like.

To stick with recent history, since 2014 Schwab has been attempting (unsuccessfully) to shoehorn the world into what he calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

What is that?

It’s a political agenda hyper-focused on technology and control as the cure to all our global ills.

It’s quite easy to argue (as you’ll see below) his vision is an Orwellian, centralization of power, surveillance-based society that is truly the stuff of science fiction, and China.

Fast forward to 2020 and Klaus sees covid as the opportunity to put his vision into action.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future”

Is it coincidence (or just an interesting plot point) that in 2018 the WEF partnered with Johns Hopkins University to do a pandemic dress rehearsal called Clade X?

Regardless, despite all the flowery buzzwords, Klaus’ “Fourth Industrial Revolution” title got overused and lost its cache…

So, now he calls that same vision “The Great Reset.”

Same pig. Different lipstick.

As a window into how committed Klaus is to this vision, get this…he mailed a copy of his newest book (The Great Reset) to all the government leaders around the world.

I’m not kidding.

Um, a little presumptuous don’t you think Klaus?

The Premier of Alberta Canada sure thought so…and said “He’s asking us to take a global crisis and advance a particular political agenda.”

Without getting in the weeds of Klaus’ dystopia here, are the high-level ideas…

In The Fourth Industrial Revolution Klaus admits:

“The tools of the fourth industrial revolution enable new forms of surveillance and other forms of control that run counter to healthy, open societies.”

Wow…that sounds, awesome, or not.

In The Great Reset he writes:

“Looking to the future, governments will most likely, but with different degrees of intensity, decide that it’s in the best interest of society to rewrite some of the rules of the game and permanently increase their role.”

And then he drops this bomb…

“If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a ‘global order deficit’.”

Um…does that sound a little disturbing to anyone else?

Seriously…let that sink in…

In Klaus’ utopia, whoever the one power is will (permanently) enforce a vision of “global order” the rest of us must follow.

This time, in addition to the books, the revolution (ahem, “reset”) boasts more aggressive marketing (with buzzwords like “sustainability”) a fancy website, and a podcast.

In fact, the vision is so comprehensive (you can’t make this stuff up), Grover from Sesame Street is interviewed on the podcast to comfort kids (who are saddened that the reset doesn’t allow them to see their friends) by telling them how much fun “video play time” is…


Way to make sure we have propaganda for the whole family Klaus.


What’s striking to me about this vision is how God-less it is.

In Klaus’ utopia humans will no longer be endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights.

Instead, the State (the one power) will be the arbiter of which rights we all have.

Sounds a bit like China does it not?

Funny (or telling) how not that long ago even the mainstream media repeatedly told us how dangerous the Chinese government was:

In case you missed it…

  • The Atlantic“China's Surveillance State Should Scare Everyone”

  • Time“How China Is Using “Social Credit Scores” to Reward and Punish Its Citizens”

  • Wired – “The Complicated Truth About China’s Credit System”

  • NY TimesInside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame, and Lots of Cameras

  • NY Times – “A Surveillance Net Blankets China’s Cities, Giving Police Vast Powers

  • NY Times“How China Uses High-Tech Surveillance to Subdue Minorities”

  • The Wall Street Journal – “China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything”

These days, if you point out stuff like that, you’ll be called a “conspiracy theorist” and likely get censored.

Is giving up our freedoms somehow in vogue now?

Seems like it.

Even Canada’s Justin Trudeau is on record stating that China is his ideal model for governing.

What happened?

Let’s zoom out.

Lest you think I’m cherry picking quotes and misrepresenting Klaus’ vision, let me show you the WEF’s promo video.

Remember, this is their vision for the next decade.

For those of you who want to call me a “conspiracy theorist,” how would you explain that video?

In case you didn’t watch that propaganda piece here are the highlights…er, lowlights?

By 2030, I quote in bold:

  • “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

    • Wait! Hang on…how did you connect me not owning anything to the idea that such a scenario will make me happy? And how exactly do you intend to unfold your plan to take away my possession? Will you be starting with my business, home, food, car?

  • “Whatever you want you’ll rent, and it will be delivered by drone.”

    • What? I’m confused. Who will be I renting from? And what’s with the drones? Can I not go pick something up myself? Am I under house arrest? If something breaks (or I run out of salt) do I have to wait until the drones are available?

  • “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower; a handful of countries will dominate.”

    • So…what countries do you have in mind? Let me guess China is in the running? How about North Korea? How bad does it need to get here in the US before we no longer dominate? What exactly is the plan to knock us down a few pegs and how will that make the world better?

  • “You’ll eat much less meat…an occasional treat, not a staple…for the good of the environment and our health.”

So, how’d you like the vision?

Does it resonate…or did your stomach (literally) go sour after reading the first sentence?

The above is the vision of some of the world’s wealthiest people, and elected leaders.

That’s their agenda folks.

That is the world they want to bring into existence.

And they are not being subtle about it.

Is that the world you want to live in?


It is an open conspiracy.

It is an agenda that is mind-boggling in scope and years in the making.

If a conspiracy this big sounds impossible, click the links above and poke around—it will blow your mind how much thought they’ve put into reshaping every aspect of our lives.

We don’t have to fill a lot of narrative gaps here.

They have filled almost all of them for us.

All we have to do is pay attention, and decide if that’s the world we want to live in.

What’s important to ask ourselves is what will be the steps toward this agenda?

Perhaps they would manipulate the global meat market, or promote a mandatory vaccine (don’t forget your yearly boosters!) and a digital passport for everyday living—like in China?

Think about it…

Once we all get vaccinated and have our “vaccine passports,” should we assume the WEF will have satisfied their desire for power, or will they want more?

That was the type of question that baffled this UK reporter when she learned her country’s vaccine passport includes:

“Data relating to mental health, lifestyle, ethnic origin, biometric data and alleged criminal behavior…”

To which she responded: “What the hell does that have to do with proving you’ve had two jabs?”

Good question!

Is it fair to say this might be about control and not about a virus?

As Tim Hinchliffe succinctly put it:

“The Great Reset is a means to an end.”
“Next on the agenda is a complete makeover of society under a technocratic regime of un-elected bureaucrats who want to dictate how the world is run from the top down, leveraging invasive technologies to track and trace your every move while censoring and silencing anyone who dares not comply.”

Are Tim and I being paranoid, or is it time for a lot of people to wake up?

At the very least, I would argue this is not the time to blindly believe (there’s that word again) what we see is all about a virus.

May we not be so naïve.

Before I leave the WEF, permit me one more nail in the coffin for anyone who just can’t believe that something seriously evil is happening.

What’s with the slogan…


In case you missed it, that’s the cool phrase you say in a speech if you’re politician who drinks the WEF Kool-Aid.

Answer me this…

Where was the meeting where all the Western leaders (Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, and others) decided to use that phrase as a rallying cry?

Don’t believe that happened?

Watch them all say it in one montage put together by The Highwire.

You can (and I’d recommend) watch the episode that clip was taken from here.

I don’t know everything, but I know good salesmanship when I see it.

To get all those people to literally read from the same script…that's an impressive sales job!

How in the world did that happen?


If you stop and think about it, it makes sense:

Give Klaus Schwab 50 years to practice selling his vision and he might get good at doing so.

(NOTE: If you have the stomach for it, you can read about Mr. Schwab’s (I’d argue sickening) vision in this fantastic article that does a deep dive into his logic.)

Stop for a second and ponder the scope of what he’s been able to accomplish…

He has grown (curated) a regular meeting of the top 1,000 businesses and 2,000 wealthy elites—which includes global political leaders.

He has relentlessly sold the same vision, over and over.

What happens when you sell a vision?

Those who like your vision, keep listening. Those who don’t like it, stop listening.

As a visionary you make progress by continuing to inspire your believers.

You keep planning, and you speak to the human heart.

In other words you…

  1. Remind them they belong in elite of the elite, cool-kids club

  2. Stroke their ego (i.e. validate) that the world needs their contribution.

  3. Pump them full of hope and belief in something bigger than themselves.

  4. Show them how they can increase their significance—i.e. wealth and power

Sounds like pulling the basic levers of human nature, doesn’t it?

Folks, it doesn’t take giant leaps of “conspiracy-theory logic” to fit these pieces together.

Want an even more sobering thought?

In an atmosphere like the WEF, would you or I be above getting drunk on the promise of money, power, and filling deep-seated longings for significance, validation, and belonging?

Do we really think the insatiable desire for money and power has left the planet or, with enough time, that it can’t get this organized?

Is it really that hard to believe a significant portion of our leaders would be willing to sell us out if they believe they can be part of a grand vision...and maybe even part of the ruling “elite”?

If I had not studied what I presented above, I too would have said that was impossible.

But it happened.

No doubt there are leaders who reject this vision, but as I said, leaders who don’t like that vision don’t attend the WEF…and now (like us) find themselves fighting the most organized mafia the world has ever seen.

Including, one of the craftiest masterminds of all time…


Love him or hate him, one thing that’s fair to say—the world would be a very different place without Bill Gates.

I’d love to believe he is the brilliant, humorous, altruistic, do-gooder he makes himself out to be, but the more I’ve analyzed his words and actions, the darker his intentions appear.

Now, I admit I can’t relate to what it’s like to have more money than I can ever spend…and several decades left to kill.

I imagine I might eventually:

  • Get bored buying “stuff” and feel like I need to find a battle that’s worthy of having a billionaire fight it.

  • Have a vision of how the world could function better and feel like I’m uniquely positioned to use my immense wealth to make things happen.

  • Become a little un-relatable, maybe even begin to rationalize bending the rules, or slowly develop the feeling that rules don’t apply to me because the world needs my solutions.

Heck, I might even massively overcompensate for an unmet emotional need, or an anti-trust lawsuit that publicly embarrassed me and “unfairly” busted up the monopoly (ahem, company) I had built.

Bill Gates appears to have taken a page from the Rockefeller playbook—i.e. when you’ve developed the reputation of a ruthless, Darwinian billionaire, reinvent yourself as a benevolent philanthropist—and keep going.

Now to be fair, perhaps Bill really has had a change of heart and genuinely thinks he is doing what’s best for the citizens of the world.

I genuinely don’t know.

But even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, who is he beholden to?

He’s still an imperfect human, with an agenda, a political leaning, and a worldview.

After everything I’ve looked at, here’s another fair thing I can confidently say about him…

Bill Gates is OBSESSED with monopolistic control.

What’s more, he is mind-blowingly crafty at getting his way.

Like the “Transformation Map” from the WEF’s agenda, Bill Gates web of influence is nothing short of staggering.

In every major industry in the world, and what seems like every far-left-leaning political agenda, if you look behind the curtain, you will find Bill Gates’ money and influence.

He has paid his way into an ownership or highly-influential positions in media, big oil, patentable food, biotech, seeds, farming, big tech, vaccines, education, satellites, gene editing, cryptocurrency, 5G, censorship (yep, that’s an industry now), and that’s the short list.

If what I’m saying sounds farfetched and you care to do a deep dive into how deep the “Gates Rabbit Hole” goes, you can check out these pieces of investigative journalism.

  • James Corbett – Gates' monopolistic control over public health

  • Peter Breggin – Gates' role in Covid-19 and his connections to Schwab and Fauci

  • Robert Kennedy – Gates' control over the food industry…and virtually all others

  • Joseph Mercola – Gates' connections to media and “journalism”

  • Danfa Tachover + Robert Kennedy – Gates connections with Telecom and Surveillance

  • Paul Joseph Watson – Hilarious video documenting Gates’ hypocrisy

  • Alex Jones – Gates talks overpopulation and vaccines as the only ticket out of covid

  • Whitney Webb – Gates' disturbing connection to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

  • Even the NY Times lays out (part of) Gates' connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

If you don’t have time (or the stomach) to dive into the links above, let me see if I can give you the quick version.



Here’s what I don’t know…

  • I don’t know for sure in what order the pieces below fell into all their “glorious” detail.

  • I don’t know how much of what we see today was planned, and how much was a series of events or happy accidents Bill cleverly adapted to/monetized.

I may have what’s below somewhat out of order, but whatever order they actually happened, I can say Bill has a masterful strategy brain.

It’s truly awe-inspiring.

Here’s how you build a global, 21st-century, technocratic empire.


What I find alarming (telling) about Bill’s version of philanthropy, is how much of it includes making large “donations” to for-profit companies…(including multiple drug companies) in which he is heavily invested.

I still don’t know how that’s legal.

Regardless, not only is this strategy a clever way to pay less in taxes (i.e. he’s literally spending what should be the people’s money), it also explains how he keeps giving away his money and growing richer and more influential at the same time.

“Gate’s charitable giving [creates] a “blinding halo effect around his philanthropic work, as many of the institutions best placed to scrutinize his foundation are now funded by Gates.” The increased lack of scrutiny has made the Gates Foundation a major player in informing public policy, proving that “philanthropy can buy political influence.”

The bottom line, all of Gates “giving” has strings attached to it.

His investment decisions seem almost exclusively skewed toward high-tech, high return-on-investment giving, not on what is actually good for the planet.

As Howard Vlieger put it:

“Gates’ habit of seeing every human difficulty through the lens of some technological solution from which he can profit is beyond myopic. It’s pathology — sociopathology, really. Gates is a dangerously powerful sociopath with $137 billion and a vision for a top-down technocracy. Does that worry anybody?”


Want to make a lot of money?

To protect your investment, paint yourself as a philanthropist dedicated to eradicating disease and announce during a speech at the UN that you will fund a “decade of vaccines.”

Here’s how that unfolded:

  1. He invested $10 Billion in vaccines.

  2. He became the largest funder (read “influencer”) of the World Health Organization (WHO), and propped up other vaccine-promoting organizations like GAVI.

  3. He got the WHO to declare (without any evidence) that vaccine hesitancy is the greatest public health threat—(Note: I could have thought of a few bigger threats).

  4. Find a few countries (in Africa and India) willing to be test dummies for your vaccines projects. Then, sweep it under the rug when people die and you get kicked you out.

  5. Wrap up your “decade of vaccines” in late 2019 by partnering with the WEF and Johns Hopkins University for a pandemic dress rehearsal called “Event 201” and if anyone thinks the timing is really suspicious, lie and say you never planned the event. (Huh…what else are you willing to lie about Bill?)

  6. Downplay the risks of rushed vaccines and lobby hard to make sure liability protections stay in place to safeguard the vaccine industry you’re invested in.

  7. Control the narrative, and tell the world it will stay locked down until 2022 and won’t go back to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated.


Sick, but brilliant.


Need to get your “solutions” out to the world?

Get good at marketing—and then Bill Gates it (yeah, I just made him a verb).

You “Bill Gates it” by not settling for some press, or letting your ideas compete on merits.

No…you own the press.

Secure interviews everywhere and make sure all reporters fawn over your ideas.

You think I’m kidding?

Bill Gates (through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations—BMGF) has financial ties to all of these outlets—NBC, NPR, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, BBC, Pro Publica, National Journal, Univision, Medium, Financial Times, Washington Monthly, and several more…

In short, to make sure your ideas win the day, don’t play fair.

  1. Make sure the media not only promotes your ideas, but also puts out hit pieces against those who disparage your ideas.

  2. Kick it up a notch by censoring those who disagree with you…and, to make censorship appear legit, enlist “fact-checkers,” elected officials, and Fauci.

The censorship of “vaccine misinformation” in particular seems to have gotten it’s kickstart in 2019 when the democratic senator from California, Adam Schiff, (who receives money from the BMGF), wrote a letter to the social media CEOs basically telling them they better start removing vaccine “misinformation” or else.

That was a fantastically strategic move.

Once you strong-arm the social media CEOs into censoring information you don’t approve, for them to appear consistent, they have to keep censoring.

What’s worse, by protecting them from consequences for censoring, you embolden them to censor whomever they don’t like—if they can censor a sitting President, what can’t they do?

Bill knows if he gets mainstream media and social media on his side he wins...or at least he thinks he wins…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I think at this point it’s safe to say Bill isn’t likely to bask in his ridiculous amount of influence, prop up his feet, and retire.


It appears he wants to be king of the world.

To pull that off, you need one more step…proof of concept of your ability to control society.


If you want to rule the world with Klaus, Grover, and the rest of Sesame Street, you have to work out the kinks in your business model and demonstrate to your billionaire buddies that you can pull off your vision.

To prove you can complete a global, technocratic makeover, you need a practice run.

But how do you demonstrate that?

Here’s how…

  1. Secure eventual control over the food supply by investing in every patentable “food-like product” and making sure you’re the largest owner of farmland in the US (across 24 states) so you can grow (ahem control) all your GMO franken foods.

  2. Buy 24,800 acres in Arizona and build an entire “smart city” with room for 80,000 people where you can have massive warehouses to analyze all the 5G data for “The Internet of Things” you wish to control.

  3. Send up at least 500 satellites to provide 24/7/365 coverage of the entire earth and fund dystopian ideas like ID 2020, and biological cryptocurrency that will give every living soul a digital identity (via a subdermal microchip)—so you can track them, I mean control them…

Wait…I mean, so you can look out for their best interests.

Yeah…now that I think about it, that’s probably the fastest way to develop your “proof of concept” for controlling everything.

Klaus must be so proud.

What about you? Impressed yet?

I told you this guy is a mastermind.

Does all this sound like a better world to you, or does it sound like another wet dream of a man with an insatiable desire for power?

How much power do you think one (unelected, hypocritical, software engineer) should hold?

How do you like the idea of being endowed with rights from your Bill Gates overlord?

Whatever rights he decides to give us, you can be sure it won’t have anything to do with you choosing your family size.


I’d be remiss here if I didn’t address the plausible connection of Bill Gates to eugenics, and a possible depopulation agenda.

Is that what this is all about?

I honestly don’t know.

I imagine if depopulation is Bill’s true agenda, that’s one he’d keep pretty close to the vest.

What I can say it’s not a giant leap in logic to conclude that might be his goal.

In this video montage you’ll hear Bill (and his ex-wife Melinda) say such things as…

While we don’t know Bill’s intentions…as a practical matter, all the tools to create a mass depopulation event are in place if we allow them to be used.

If there’s a way to pull off depopulation the most logical path is a mandatory, one-size-fits-all vaccine—especially if the “one power” can annually inject us with “boosters” or “top-offs.”

Should we be so naïve to think that such a tool could never fall into the hands of the next Adolf Hitler—or Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, or Napoleon Bonaparte?

OK…now for an ugly truth all of us wish were not true:

Humans are capable of sickening, unfathomable cruelty.

Yes, people (including Bill) are capable of breathtaking kindness, but…

History is too full of examples to deny how brutally evil we are capable of being—see the ancient Assyrians, Bloody Mary, Japanese POW camps, Nazi Germany, and Pol Pot.

One of the most predictable, logical dead ends I see with those who throw around the “conspiracy theory” label is that they paint themselves into a corner of believing (there’s that word again) that evil 1) doesn’t exist anymore or 2) can’t possibly scale this big.

Maybe it can’t or won’t, but in light of all I’ve laid out above is it best to give Bill the benefit of the doubt?

To my skeptical readers who just continue to believe that Bill is only trying to do good with that his massive, jaw-dropping web of influence--fine, what do you base that belief on?

If Bill wasn’t a documented liar liar, pants on fire, plausible denier, off-the-charts hypocrite, with arguably more power than anyone in history, I’d be more inclined to believe the best about his intentions.

So, unless you have some compelling, contrary evidence I can’t find, I’d argue you’re going on blind faith—which sounds a lot like you’ve been sucked into a cultish, mainstream-media trance.

At this point, choosing to believe the best about Bill (because the alternative is just too painful?) seems to me like intellectual suicide, a willful aversion to critical thinking, and being part of the new religion of public health.

Speaking of a new religion, you’ll need an infallible high priest.

I know just the guy.

COVIDIAN WIZARD #3: Anthony Fauci.

Talk about a man who is perfectly positioned to be a figurehead in a globalist agenda…

Fauci was made for this…

He has been in public health for 50 years—you could say he’s the Klaus Schwab of medicine.

Tony has “led” the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for the majority his career…since 1984.

The mission of NIAID requires two things—a lot of money, and a slick-talking politician.

What’s striking (but not surprising) is…

  1. How narrowly focused NIAID’s (i.e. Fauci’s) spending is.

  2. How fast Fauci’s credibility is eroding, and yet he remains.

The question I kept coming back to was…

How did we get here?

How has a thoroughly-discredited puppet like Fauci not been fired, or imprisoned?

To understand this puzzle, you have to understand a few, key insights.


Anthony Fauci is the bottleneck in NIAID’s now $6.245 Billion budget, and that doesn’t include money he also helps direct from the Department of Defense.

In other words, if you want funding for your research, you have to get Fauci’s approval.

Where does all that money go?

Most if it goes to Universities and Hospitals to research treatments for disease—click the link to see a list of the top 50 institutions that receive funding.

While on the surface all this research sounds good, we have to look at where it doesn’t go.

It doesn’t go to research that would address root causes…things like,

  • Alternative therapies to fight infection or disease

  • Eradicating chemically-caused, man-made diseases

  • Getting toxins out of our air, water, and food

  • Biodynamic or regenerative farming research to help reduce disease

  • Researching how to heal our bodies with food or supplements

  • Improving vaccine safety by studying health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated

Nope…instead, our taxpayer funding goes to research that could lead to patentable drugs.

No wonder Tony is pharma’s little darling-- think of how much money he saves them in research.

(ALTERNATE UNIVERSE IDEA: Imagine for second if we spent half of NIAID’s funding each year on alternative treatments, identifying root causes, and teaching people how to build health. What a different world we would have. How many less drugs would we need?)


“What Fauci brags about, isn’t all the ways he has reduced incidents of chronic disease. Under his watch chronic disease has gone from 6% to 54%. That’s nothing to brag about. Instead, what he brags about is all the drugs he has patented. That’s all he can point to that he has accomplished.”

Historians who understand the politics of medicine have pointed out Fauci’s:

Yes, I agree, nobody is perfect.

But at some point, even Fauci’s biggest fans have to admit this guy does some shady stuff.

Yet despite his blunders, Fauci is the most slippery, medical politician of all time.

Nothing unethical or criminal he does sticks to him.


For starters, you have to get your head around pharma’s symbiotic relationship with Tony.

Pharma controls the media to the tune of 50-70% of all their advertising revenue.

Given that…it’s no surprise pharma will use their influence to put Fauci (and his minions) on any news station they can get?

It also helps that Fauci has Bill Gates in his corner…or is it the other way around?

Think about it, if you can blatantly lie (to Congress and the public) as revealed in your own emails and approved grants, and there are no negative consequences…wouldn’t you feel untouchable too?

You can spin whatever your puppet masters tell you to…and call it “science.”

You say it. They’ll protect you.


It shows you who really has the power, doesn’t it?


If you’re Fauci, you’ve become so drunk on your own power that you claim to “follow the science” and yet go on the news and make the most non-sensical, non-scientific claim of all time…with a straight (defiant) face no less:

People who criticize me are actually criticizing science.’” - Tony Fauci

Wow…Tony IS “science.”

You thought science was about debate and peer review?

No my friend…those are the old days.

Science is now done by interviews and press releases.

The message is clear.

Do you see what’s happening here?

There is only one narrative allowed.

Does anyone really think Tony would stand a chance in a debate with a reputable doctor?

So how did Tony, Bill, and Klaus get academia and medicine to quietly go along with this?


Control the universities, and you control scientists.

“Mr. University President…you want to keep your funding?

Fall in line and obey…muzzle your staff if they disagree with our pronouncements.

Why did so many medical professionals roll over and accept the mainstream narrative?

Where do hospitals, medical professionals, and regulatory agencies go for their authority?

They rely on studies done by universities--and so, the control loop is complete.

In hindsight, it all makes sense, doesn’t it?


Given all we’ve looked at, all the pieces fit into place.

Here’s what they did…

Wow…that begs a reasonable question…

Given the likely lab origin of this virus, was the vaccine made for covid, or was covid made for the vaccine?

While an interesting plot point, that “which-came-first, the-vaccine-or-the-virus” question doesn’t really matter does it?

They are so far into this lie that they have to keep going.

How they continue to spin their lies (and how many more “variants” or future pandemics worse than covid” they attempt to scare us about) will be fascinating/maddening to watch.

While the scale of what the Covidian wizards have accomplished is mind-boggling, how they did it is remarkably uncomplicated when you recognize the vision, follow the money, and understand human nature.

“Science” (and possibly a virus) has been weaponized to produce fear, and fear paralyzes us.

“Science” is no longer about rigorous debate and having your ideas challenged.

Welcome to the new authoritarian, state-established Religion of Public Health.

You could call it Scientism, Covidianism, or if you prefer, Fauci-ism

Shut up, stop thinking, and pay homage to your new High Priest.

Yeah, about that...a Great Awakening, (and a Greater Reset) is coming…


OK…before I get to the practical part where the good guys win this, let’s shift our focus off the global predators and talk about you and me for a moment.

We know who they are, but we need to reminded who we are.

We are the formerly over-trusting, intentionally-polarized, abused-and-rattled citizens of humanity that have suffered a severe emotional trauma at the hands of evil people who are dead set on dividing and controlling us.

Yet we are still here, and there are a lot more of us than them.

They haven’t won…and we need to remember that.

We need to remember we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights.

Our value/rights don’t come from the State, or how much we can produce for the State.

Our value is immeasurable because we are loved and valued by our Creator.

Human nature is predictable (and timeless), and is so because our Creator gave us the same basic longings for love, adventure, romance, significance, contribution, dignity and so on.

To win, we’re going to need to double down on what unites us rather than what divides us.


None of us were prepared for this.

Before we can start to feel an empowering wind in our sails again, take a few seconds and give yourself (and your neighbor) some grace and empathy for the emotional whiplash we just lived through.

They distorted truth.

They wore us down.

They lied to us.

They gaslit us.

They weaponized the media.

They made us doubt our own judgment.

They took truths we never questioned and warped them so effectively that we don’t know what to believe anymore.

They trained us (and are still trying to train us) to blindly believe whatever they say…

Their plan is to do the above (and even start going door-to-door to vaccinate everyone!) until we finally give up and succumb to their wishes.

At the risk of belaboring this point, marvel for a second at…


They tell us…

  • Two weeks to “flatten the curve,” but then endlessly move the goal posts

  • You can feel great, and be a carrier of sickness at the same time

  • Censorship is for your protection…because you can’t think for yourself

  • You should trust “fact checkers,” even though fact-checkers retract major “facts”

  • Masks don’t work, then they do work, then you need two masks

  • Fauci isn’t flip-flopping, he’s following “the science,” or IS science

  • Science is settled…which is the opposite of the definition of science

  • The covid vaccine is safe and effective, but it’s not done being tested for safety

  • Pharma isn’t liable for vaccine injuries, so of course they wouldn’t cut corners

  • The rushed, experimental vaccine isn’t mandatory, but it kind of is

  • Covid vaccine injuries are rare, even though 53.88% of physicians have seen them

  • Your injury after being vaccinated wasn’t caused by a vaccine…you made that up

  • You recovered from covid and have immunity, but we need to vaccinate you anyway

  • Doctors who don’t believe in these covid vaccines are quacks, all 58.09% of them

  • The flu went down by 98%, but it wasn’t because we re-labeled it covid

Talk about gaslighting!

Those are some seriously-malicious Jedi mind-tricks.

But it gets worse.

Pile on the broader, cultural, reality-distortions and gaze at their funhouse mirror again.

  • The police who exist to protect you, are actually out to get you

  • White people: Be kind by accepting how evil you are

  • You need proof of identity for these 60+ instances, but not for voting

  • Gender isn’t biological; it’s just a state of mind

  • We can take away all your possessions, and you’ll be happy about it


Have you ever felt battered with so many contentious and confusing issues at one time?

Have you ever been made to feel so bad simply for existing?

They’ve done such a masterful job of broad-spectrum psychological warfare.

Is it any wonder so many have caved to the endless propaganda?

Through their censorship they are saying…

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Um…we see you and it’s really obvious what you’re doing now.

With any luck we’ll be throwing a lot of you in jail soon.


The global predators have become so intoxicated by their ability to bend reality that they don’t realize that across the spectrum of classical democrats, libertarians, and conservatives, fewer and fewer of us are falling for the ideas anymore.

The traffic is all one way--people who have been skeptical of government (or Tony, Bill, Klaus) aren't suddenly switching sides and trusting them now.

There's a Great Awakening of a massive un-silent majority right smack in the middle.

They can label us all “far-right extremists” all they want.

We aren’t listening or accepting their divisive labels anymore.

Nope...we’re getting organized.

If you're late to the mask-free party, welcome. Things actually make sense here.

Breathe deeply my new friends, and welcome to the winning team.


The cure for 1984, is 1776.

To win, we’re gonna need to get scrappy.

If you’re an American like me, remember who you are!

We’re a nation of freedom-loving rebels.

Scrappy is what we do.

We cannot forget the heritage and duties we were handed.

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." Thomas Jefferson

To secure our God-given rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, our forefathers pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

They pledged what?

They pledged EVERYTHING THEY HAD...and they knew it might cost them their lives.

They understood the possible consequences of standing up to tyranny.

They swallowed hard and signed that Declaration of Independence...and then went to battle to defend it.

They risked it all to secure the freedoms we, their children, have enjoyed.

It's our turn.

Our kids and unborn grandkids can't fight for freedom now, but we can.

Now to the most important questions…


Want to know the winning strategy?

It's three-fold.

  1. Peaceful, noncompliance

  2. Grassroots activism

  3. Leverage the court system

Let me elaborate.

Peaceful, non-compliance means we emphatically say "We do NOT consent."

If we all say "no" they can't make us do anything.

Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. have already shown us that civil disobedience is our most powerful tool to create change.

But we need to do more than just opt out of broken systems.

We need to take back control of our out-of-control government.

Right now, we have the chance to do this peacefully, but only if we rise up.

Want to know how we do that? Here's how:

We don’t win by worrying about the predators, or the “powers-that-be” in D.C.

We focus on hyper-local, county, and state activism.

We get to know our Sheriff--to know how critical that is, watch this presentation.

We learn from each other, and offer encouragement.

We make small changes everywhere...and then we change the federal level.

Want to know how we to get organized and make our voices heard?

The link above has all the detailed, practical, non-overwhelming resources we need.

This isn’t as complicated as it feels.

We just need to have courage to start.

Want some encouragement?

Massive amounts of people are seeing broken and enslaving systems for what they are, and are peacefully opting out, practicing their rights, and saying "no":

Now for what may be the most encouraging part.

When it comes to freedom, at the time of this writing:

  • Only five US states have not introduced a “Right-to-Refuse” Bill protecting the citizenry from being required to receive a covid jab.

  • 15 states have already passed “Right-to-Refuse” legislation.

Bet you didn’t hear that on the news.

Curious how the map shakes out? Click here and poke around.

Now let's get practical...and find your version of scrappy.


You don’t have to start from scratch--we've already done the hard part...

Check out this giant and growing list of freedom-fighting movers and shakers in all 50 states, Canada, and around the world.

Find the good guys resonate with you, and lend your skills.

Not sure where you can be helpful?

  • What hard skills do you have? Networking, research, writing, speaking, admin, strategy, marketing, copywriting, fundraising, social media, event planning, tech, editing, audio/video, data entry?

  • What soft skills do you have? Prayer, listening, empathizing, counseling, coaching, peacemaking, facilitating? If you can cook a good meal, set a table, and invite over your neighbor, you are engaging some of the most powerful tools available.

Still not sure?

Can you hold a sign?

If not, maybe you can…


There are countless places to do so.

I recommend donating here, here, here, and here.

Those organization are the legal and investigative tip of the spear fighting the covid fraud.

They are how we leverage the court system.

To make yourself even more helpful…


  1. Get to know the US Constitution--watch this awesome documentary or take this FREE course in the Constitution, and be inspired

  2. Learn the legitimate religious reasons for declining a vaccine.

  3. Tune into journalists who actually think–e.g. here, here, here, here, here, or here

  4. Take this quiz on the vaccine and forward it to your friends

  5. If you only have time for ONE book on covid…read this one

  6. Study psychology, marketing, and human nature (hint: it’s all the same subject)

  7. Follow any of the links I’ve laid out above


Unless you’re a journalist…you don’t need to pay any attention to mainstream media.

Doing so will only irritate you.

We need you at your best, not irritated.

Ditching mainstream news is emotionally liberating.

Ditching mainstream social media lets you to see a much kinder side of people.

  1. Join a censorship-free social-media platform - Gab, Telegram, MeWe, Parlor, or Sphri

  2. Get a Proton Mail email account

  3. Use a Brave Browser instead of Chrome or Safari

  4. Search using DuckDuckGo instead of Google—not perfect, but better.


Your new tribe has already regrouped.

We’re so excited to welcome you somewhere you belong.

Come join won’t miss the old guys. I promise.


To my dear friend, if you’re more convince than ever that I’m crazy, I still love you.

If I end up being wrong, I hope I’ll be welcomed into a new community of people who have empathy for me and can at least understand how I was deceived.

If, however, I end up being right, know that you have a whole new circle of wonderful friends ready to embrace you and stand side-by-side with you as we work to restore freedom.

To my dear readers, thanks for sticking with me through this super-long article.

I hope you found this “labor of love” helpful.

I know these are contentious times.

I hope you found some inspiration and boldness to help in whatever way you can.

If, like me, you’ve got some friends you hope to welcome to a new perspective, double down on empathy and grace.

Double down on genuinely trying to understand their perspective.

Concede a good point when you hear one, but do NOT be afraid to speak up.

Let them know us by how kind, consistent, and unconditionally loving we are.

Stay strong and go make a difference.

I'll keep doing my best to be of service to humanity,


PS. If you’d like to receive future blog post on all things health and wellness, join my mailing list. Simply fill out the form in the footer.

PS. If your health needs attention, and you like how my brain digests complicated problems, imagine how much effort I could put into helping you solve the puzzle of your health. If you could use a good master strategist, check this out. If our approach resonates, let’s chat.

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